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Undertale: Fusion - Ch X - The Last Sanctuary Pt 1
Chapter X - The Last Sanctuary - Part 1.
(This chapter begins a little bit after the last one. Toriel and Asgore were sitting on a set of chairs right by a table, on a balcony in the old castle of the Ruins gazing out onto what was left of their kingdom. Two cups of lukewarm tea were in their hands, they sipped calmly taking in the sweet aroma of the golden flower tea)
Asgore: Nice day today isn't it?
Toriel: Yes, yes it is...
(Irony struck when there was suddenly a loud rumbling noise shaking the entire cavern. Everything on the table slowly tumbled their way off the table. Toriel and Asgore quickly got up and tried to prevent them from breaking. The earthquake subsided after a short while, then everything was silent again. Toriel and Asgore sat back down and tried to relax)
Toriel: Another earthquake... When will they end?
Asgore: I don't know... But we're quickly running out of time...
Papyrus's Voice: Your Majesty!
(Toriel Asgore turned to see Papyrus with a cart loaded a huge pot
:iconvanirflorentine:VanirFlorentine 4 11
Zita - Edda of Galkyera :iconvanirflorentine:VanirFlorentine 7 3


Kids and golden flowers :iconmarex184:marex184 73 17 You're gonna be okay :iconrayreid:Rayreid 54 3 Mabel :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 8 16 Carbuncle :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 12 25 Omega (School Uniform) :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 10 7 Ms. Furukawa :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 9 0 Venus (School Uniform) :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 9 16 Angel (School Uniform) :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 10 3 Luna (School Uniform) :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 12 6 Silver (School Uniform) :iconkageto-okami:Kageto-Okami 8 7
Did no one notice..?

On this price of "art" (it's not very good but I digress) I put a link to a poll to see which eyes you think would be better for Hiat.
No one has voted but me.
This kindof disheartening for me, because I wasn't expecting much response, but I didn't expect nothing.
I ask for your guys opinions quite often, whether it be for what I should work on or things you wanna see more of, so I thought a poll would make things a bit easier for things like this so your opinion isn't public, but I must be mistaken.
So I'll ask again- which eye do you think would be better suiting for Hiat; the more albino one on the left, or the more monsterous one on the right?
There's the link to the poll, but if you want, leave your options in the comments. Don't do both, though.
If I get more comments, I won't do a poll again.
:iconphyizzcon:Phyizzcon 1 3
Pixel Requests! (Not mine~)
This person's doing pixel requests for practice!
Wanna help them out? Their art is really good!
I'd encourage ye to check it out~

Thank you~ ;D
:icontiramasui:Tiramasui 2 0
The hunt is on!
Watch out guys!
Guys this hacker is for real! This he/she will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if the he/she hacks your account.  If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked.
The hacker does vital region pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he/she will also remove all your watches. If this happens to me, then you know that it isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. i suggest you copy this journal and warn your watchers as well. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen. You might get this message multiple times from multiple people of your watch list, but its better then not getting it. Spread the word! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to
:iconpandoraloveheart:PandoraLoveHeart 1 2
Question for my viewers
So I was browsing through my notifications when somebody gave me an idea.
kometax, one of the many DeviantArtists who commented on my Toriel and Asgore Demotivational (which is as of now my most popular deviation), made a suggestion that I make a list of weird Asgore-bashing fanfics since Asgore is, quite unfortunately, the Undertale fandom's punching bag despite being an amazing character.
With that said, I'd like to ask you to show me some of the weirdest, cringiest, and most facepalm worthy Asgore-bashing fanfictions (I'll also take comics and art and posts, but fanfics are what I'm aiming for). Just post some links in the comments below or send me a note, and I'll compile a list later on. Who knows, maybe I'll even start my own MST series where I mock these piles of filth.
I look forward to seeing what you can find.
EDIT: Just wanted to clarify that this doesn't necessarily have to be Soriel fanart or fanfics. Although I can't stand the pairing, there a
:iconfluffykyubey42:FluffyKyubey42 4 109
Tiger Died Today March 20, 2017
Earlier this morning one of my cats, Tiger, died. She had passed away in her sleep sometime during the night. I had slept on the couch to watch over my mom who was taking medicine for a doctors appointment today, so when my sister found Tiger, she just let me sleep and called our parents who had already left to the doctors.
Tiger, my pretty baby, a shorthair calico  house cat mixed with tabby stripes on her legs and a white belly, had been diagnosed with liver failure about a week ago. We had noticed she wasn't eating and so we took her in to the vet to get her checked. We were given some medicine and soft food to give her in case it was an infection. If it was, then the medicine would work and she would be better in a week. If not, then... Well. This.
I don't know if it was an infection or simple kidney failure, but either way, she's gone. And even though I didn't cry much in front of my family, as soon as I went into the bathroom I am not ashamed to say that I bawled my eyes out
:iconfallenshadow95:FallenShadow95 6 11




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Luna - Art Trade
My end of an art trade with Kageto-Okami :iconkageto-okami:! And with a new pen to boot!

Hope you like it!
Umm... I have some bad and good news...

Bad news is that I found a lot of mistakes in some of the previous chapters of Undertale: Fusion and you all should know that I just can't leave them the way they are now... So... I'm going to have to go back to the very beginning and edit them thoroughly and until I can do that, the next part of chapter 10 will have to be put on hold for awhile...

I wouldn't necessarily call this "Good news" but it is a little better than the bad news. I will be adding some new scenes that will clarifying a few plot points, adding some more character and making the Frisk's arc (The boy twin) a tad more unique instead of just a near-carbon copy of what happens in the original game. They'll still have the same feel and a lot of the same things will happen, so don't worry too much about the overall feel of the story.

I'm sorry for being such an Artist... X3 It's a curse I know..
Be frank with me... Am I a Weeabo? Do I come across as such?

I'm just wondering, cuz I love Japanese Culture and all, but as much as I'd like to emulate Anime in my drawings, I'm nowhere near as Japanese as I'd like nor do I plan on becoming something I'm not (Though I would like to visit Japan someday ^^ And wearing a Hakama is something I'd like to try), I'm happy being a Mexican/American/French person with perhaps just a smige of Irish fairy magic...

I guess you could call me a Semi-Weeabo? I dunno... This is just a random question I had to ask. Feel free to just ignore this if you so desire ^^.

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Phyizzcon Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student General Artist
Hey Voon .w. seein as yer a nord, I was curious as to how many of dese creatures you kno, of if You've learned somthin new from dis vid :meow:…
VanirFlorentine Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I based more than a couple characters off a lot of those creatures, but I was surprised by a few of them. ^^ Can you guess who they are?
Phyizzcon Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Student General Artist

I think I remember you had a creature named Fenrir... (however its spelled)
VanirFlorentine Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Actually Kraken was going to be a boss from the time where EOG was FF16. I might decide to keep it in the story ^^

They are so many mythological inspirations for my characters even I can't keep up with them.

Vanir is based on Fenrir, Blue is based off Water Nymph's from Greek and Norse Mythos, Toby is based off of... well... Elves, but not in the Tolkien sense, more like in the fairy-tale Santa Claus sense, Arthur is based off of Japanese Tengu and much, much more. It'll be you guyses job to figure out the rest. ^^
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Leon-Murayami Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for the fav!! ^^
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